Transmission Services

Transmission Service, Repair, and Rebuild. All of our technicians are certified in Automatic and standard transmissions.

*Transmission service (filter and fluid)
*Band & linkage adjustments
*Manual clutch service, adjustments and repairs
*Transmission conversions and fabrications
*Electrical diagnosis
*Non electrical diagnosis
*Automatic Transmission Rebuilds
*Manual Transmission Rebuilds
*Transfer Case Rebuilds

General Auto Repair

We also have certified general auto repair techs to handle most of your general auto repair needs. Such as but not limited to…

*Brake shoes, drums, pads, rotors, and brake master cylinders
*Engine tune ups                      *fuel pumps
*Water pumps                          *timing belts
*Drive belts                              *head gaskets
*Alternators & starters             *shocks and struts
*Wheel bearings                       *coolant leaks
*Rebuild, replace cv axles        *factory recommended services